Sealcoating of your asphalt surface significantly beautifies and more importantly, protects your investment. Studies show that periodic sealcoating can increase asphalt lifetime by 6 to 10 times,as compared to a do nothing approach. Ashalt sealants are not created equally. There is a wide range of quality on the market today. In combination with superior application techniques, Professional Pavement Services uses the toughest industrial grade asphalt sealants in the world.    

Our employees and crews are trained and encouraged to be courteous and considerate of your customers.They recognize that minimal inconvenience is critical to your customers. Crews also work hard to ensure a safe environment through proper barricades and sign age during the sealcoating process.   

Professional Pavement Services will analyze your project and recommend the most cost effective method for your needs. We offer a property analysis which can be tailored to your budgeting needs to: properly maintain your existing new asphalt surface to insure its life expectancy is as long as possible: or, to tailor a plan to rejuvenate your existing surface and bring it up to your expectations.

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